After the Treatment

The McTimoney treatment works with body's own ability to heal itself.  After the treatment your horse or dog will need time to adjust to the changes that have been made to allow the healing process to begin.  It is important for owners to follow the specific aftercare advice given to them on the day of the treatment to ensure their animal stays safe and to maximise the benefits of the treatment.  General after care advice usually includes:

  • A period of rest for at least 24 hours to guard against injury as initially after the treatment the release of muscle tension can make the animal more susceptible to injury.
  • Keeping your animal warm and comfortable with plenty of drinking water.
  • Limited exercise, gradually increasing the intensity each day until normal exercise can be resumed, usually a week to two weeks after the treatment.
  • Advice on exercises and stretches to help improve muscle strength and flexibility.

Normal Treatment Reactions

Reactions to the treatment vary depending on the findings and the animal but some common reactions include:

  • Appearing stiff or sore for a day or two after the treatment.
  • Alternatively, the animal may seem immediately relieved and have an increase in energy straight after the treatment.
  • Drinking more than usual as the body flushes out any toxins released by the muscles during the treatment.


Specific reactions for each individual animal will be discussed after the treatment along with more tailored aftercare advice.